About Dandeli (Karnataka)

Welcome to the abode of Dandeli, located in the heart of Western Ghats, and one of the most beautiful heat relief in India. Situated in the green state of Karnataka, Dandeli trip is all you and your family need to get away from the stress of daily routine life. Not only the freshness in the air and the lack of polluted environment makes Dandeli a great place, but there is a feel of eccentricity and acquiescence with quirkiness which is rare these days. Take a jungle safari in Dandeli and see the gushing rivers, bright green forests, torrent waterfalls greeting you! Vacations are fast approaching and are you still juggling between the choice of mountains and beaches? Then, this time, choose something different to do. What about staying in the forest at a beautiful wooden jungle resort in Dandeli? Or adventurous water sports like rafting and nkayaking? River rafting in Dandeli will keep adrenaline running in your blood and you will feel goose bumps every time you would remember the trip. Dandeli resorts and home stays provide an excellent combination of modern day facilities and closeness to nature. Who wouldn’t like to open up their eyes to bright morning sunrays, chirping birds, and a cool refreshing breeze! Jungle and river resorts in Dandeli are some of the best accommodation places that would leave a 7- star hotel far behind. Spend a beautiful evening with your special one in the tree house and feel the nature all around you.
about dandeli
about dandeli 2
Here, tired bones and cranky moods are calmed down immediately by not only the soothing touch of nature but also by the spiritual atmosphere of the place. Dandeli trip won’t merely be an adventurous one but also a spiritual one as there are many beautiful temples all over the place. If you want to plan for your honeymoon but don’t want anything mainstream, then Dandeli tour packages are perfect for you. Both of you will experience Mother Nature showering her blessings and love to you in the form of flow of majestic River Kali, beautiful singing of birds, exotic wildlife of the area and the heavenly environment. In simple words, Dandeli holiday packages are all about getting back to the very roots from where we all came. Dandeli trip is one of the most sought after trips by wildlife photographers and nature lovers. You don’t have to go far to come across flying Hornbills, colourful Kingfishers, Darters, and Egrets’ shrilly noise. There are numerous Dandeli hotels that arrange a bonfire night, camping trip in the jungle, river rafting, and elephant safaris for their guests at affordable rates. If you want to go for mountain biking or water sports, just let them know once. There is no need to go abroad to have such an amazing experience as with various Dandeli tour packages, you can enjoy nature to its fullest in Dandeli. With the budget hotels in Dandeli, you can enjoy a trip that is not only pocket-friendly but will fill you with life energy and would rejuvenate you.
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