Adventure activities in Dandeli

White Water Rafting

We assist tourists at every stage of providing best hosting services for nature explorers and lovers so that they can indulge themselves a long way in their passion for exciting sports. People from all across the world come of Dandeli to get experience for White Water Rafting. It is one of the most popular attractions in the town. Dandeli is the first place in South India where White Water Rafting was introduced. If you are looking for an amazing experience for Adventure Sports, then Dandeli is the best place for that. Dandeli trip has a lot to offer for tourists; you can have best time of your life with your friends or family. White Water Rafting is the main attraction of Dandeli Tourism; you can have lifelong memorable experience. It is a fantastic thrilling sports activity in Dandeli. If you are fond of adventure activities, then it is the best place for you. There is a 9-kilo meter of run that last for almost 4 hours, and shorter run keeping in mind all types of seasoned or armatures rafters.
Bird Watching In Dandeli

Bird Watching

For all those who don’t know, Dandeli is a famous place for watching nesting birds. It is one of the major tourist attraction in the town. There are over 300 species of bird in and around the town. Birding sports has become one of the major tourist attraction for visitors. Book yourself a Budget Hotels in Dandeli and leave early morning to hear the relaxing sound of ChakooChakoo bird just a few steps away from your hotel window. One you wake up, you can go deep inside in dense forest to check out four different species of hornbills. You will be even more surprised to know that there are over 20 species of fruits that you can find in the forest. But beware of these fruits as most of them are poisonous for human. Early morning is the perfect time if you want to go out for bird watching as the birds in the morning come out in search of food. All you need is a good patience if you are keen to look out for some beautiful birds.
Get a glimpse of elusive Blank Panther; it is one of the few places in India where you can get to see the black panther. You can visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary to see the bird and also get to see tigers, leopards, and other fascinating wildlife animals.
Ganeshgudi is a place near to Dandeli, a fantastic place for professional bird watchers. It is the best place to click some best pictures of birds with your camera. Ganeshgudi is known for small birds.

Coracle Ride and Zorbing Ball

Adventure trip cannot end without Coracle Ride and Zorbing Ball sports. It is one of the things an adventure lover would never forget to get the chance on. For those who don’t know, Zorbing is a recreational adventure sport. Zorbing consists of a ball and is performed on a gentle slope or a level surface where the rider inside the ball has more control on the movements.
Coracle is a small boat which is shaped in the form of a saucer. The boat is made of bamboo and tanned buffalo hide. It is perfect sports for families or friends, in a group. You can use Coracle to visit small islands around the Kali River in Dandeli. The boat doesn’t make any annoying sounds to attract water animals. Therefore you can enjoy the view around. All together Dandeli offers tourist one of the best act.
Jeep Jungle Safari

Dandeli Jungle Safari

Get an open jeep safari to get the experience of the lush green vegetation along with the river, falls and the wild birds & animals. Jungle safari tours are conducted during the early morning or evening time. No matter what age group you belong to, you will love it and all the tourist who visit Dandeli. The safari jeep will take you deep in the interiors of the Dandeli jungle. You can book a Jungle Resort in Dandeli to stay overnight. Before you go for the safari ride, you need to take permission from the forest department of Dandeli. Once you get the permission, you can enjoy beautiful 30-kilo meter ride of safari jeep and get a chance to spot some amazing wildlife in Dandeli. It’s a rare occasion that you can spot the tiger in the forest because of the increase population of therein. Some of the common animals you can come across during you Dandeli Trip Are Bear, Elephants, Bison, Rabbit and other types of small animals like snakes or giant squirrel.

Dandeli Kayaking and Canyoning

If you are high of adventure sports and love white water kayaking, Kali River is the best place for you, which offer tourist Kayaking opportunity around the year. If you are a professional kayak, then there is no place like this in South India. You can sail all along the river and get a chance to visit small islands around. A watch will be kept on you for immediate help if required.
Canyoning is one of the most exciting adventure sports than any other adventure sports. Youngsters enjoy more of Canyoning experience than anyone else. It becomes more challenging as you climb the valley, and the water hits your boat. Once you take the trip to Canyoning boat, you become a certified adventurous and courageous person.

Natural Jacuzzi Bath

Dandeli has lots of natural beauty to offer to the tourists. Dandeli Natural Jacuzzi Bath is a perfect getaway place where you can get natural massage therapy provided to you by the Mother earth. The bath is created by spilling of water from the Kali River. Nowhere, in Dandeli you can find water so much playful, so purified, crystal clear, where the water is laughing and inviting you to get relaxed.
Jungle Trekking in Dandeli

Trekking in Wildlife Sanctuary of Dandeli

Trekking adventure sports is meant for active people, those who love long steep walks, enjoying the natural beauty of the mountain valleys, on your foot to have that ultimate experience of natural beauty. You can enjoy the long walk along the Kali river and Dandeli Forest.
Nagjhari Falls and Bird’s eye view point are perfect places for trekking enthusiast. Nagjhari Falls lies deep down the forest of Dandeli. It is a seasonal waterfall. It might be not the biggest waterfall or the most beautiful one, but surely it presents the most lovely picture in the dry looking terrain all around. Upward of the Kalava Caves, lies the bird’s eye view point, a perfect place for trekking. You can get a different level of view of the Kali River from that height. It is a steep and a short hike where you can see lush green mountains and forest all over.